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A vexing, predicament. A vexing, predicament.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Androids with cathader

I would like to say that your banter is presented in a quite righteous manner, and that That one prize (from sarah) was already predestined. Cardio-resperatory electrical syndromes(wel, that's what they wanted, right) remember that time, when ted cried? That was the shineligth of my pocessor in the daytime, but at night I would pry open my hamper to reveal to you the luxuries which we create through wormhole excavations. The generator made the generations too intelligent, therefore bringing evolution to a halt. I'm sorry, man, about that time when time passed. I couldn't stop it. I was limited/grossed out by the fact that only you could dramatacize such a serious event in such a open-mouthed methodically dangerous pail/deefer/quail (frets) down thy road from Jesus and his deadly rotten penis. would've liked a little more spanish for my anal pore, however, It was still preferred among the rambling masses. Strive for perfection, my boy, for it has already been achieved, by you.
Cuando tortugas me besan, recibo calor en mi uretra.
Number one, under the (film) water.